Technical Support

Zoom (lectures & presentations)

All lectures and presentations will be given on Zoom. Please download the client software here.

We ask you to follow these five rules while in a Zoom session:

  • Show up on time.
  • Adopt a stable sitting position (please do not walk around with your phone or camera in hand).
  • Turn on your camera (unless your connection does not allow for it).
  • Mute your microphone (unless you want to speak, of course).
  • Raise your virtual hand if you want to speak during Q&A. The function is tucked away under ‘Participants’. Please remember to also lower your virtual hand after you have talked.
  • Try to speak as clearly as possible. (breaks & hangouts)

All breaks and hangouts will be on This is a service that allows for easy, informal conversation. Check out this Guest Guide provided by

NB: only supports Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

The conference has a designated room that can be accessed through the access page on this website.

Technical support

Do you feel lost? Do not despair! Gustav, Jakob, Jonas, and Morten to the rescue! Our four skilled and friendly students will be available for advice and technical support. They will be present during all sessions on Zoom, you can approach them during breaks on (in the support section), or contact them at